Pillar Talk with Rochelle
Pillar Talk with Rochelle

Episode · 11 months ago

"Vulnerability is like Nakedness." Interview w/Charlotte Hazelwood.


Today on Pillar Talk with Rochelle, college student, educator, and amazing auntie Charlotte Hazelwood gets naked with us as an act of love." To be vulnerable and essentially naked in front of someone, broken and weak, and to have them love you in that space makes me feel special." However, Charlotte feels most loved when she's her authentic self, and someone accepts that. So we invite you to join us in Charlotte's web of love—Love is selflessness. Love is going beyond what someone expects. Love is taking really good care of someone. —Charlotte Hazelwood

To learn more about the twelve pillars in my book Simply Complex: Leading out of Authenticity, contact me directly by email or at www.rochellearmstrong.com. Also, you can buy a copy at most places you purchase books, including Roots 101 https://roots-101.org/ African American Museum and Amazon here.

Much gratitude and appreciation to all my authentic guests and listeners.

Rochelle Armstrong: Leading Authentically

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