Pillar Talk with Rochelle
Pillar Talk with Rochelle

Episode · 11 months ago

"Taking the Innocence of my Name." Interview w/Kat Mayer


Today on Pillar Talk with Rochelle, Family & Youth Pastor Katherine "Kat" Mayer profoundly teaches us the power of "names." As a transplant from Nothern California, she was quickly introduced to different names used in the mid-west as a sign of respect that she would eventually understand and accept. That was a smooth adjustment compared to reclaiming her given name because of the painful associations. But now, to hear Katherine now is endearing.

In honor of Kat's ordination this upcoming Sunday, we invite you to tune in to hear why it's essential to know your worth and the power of names. Honest. Meaningful. Inspirational. Vulnerable. You don't want to miss it!

To learn more about the twelve pillars in my book Simply Complex: Leading out of Authenticity, contact me directly by email or www.rochellearmstrong.com. Also, you can buy a copy at most places you purchase books, including Roots 101 https://roots-101.org/ African American Museum and Amazon here.

Much gratitude and appreciation to all my authentic guests and listeners.

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