Pillar Talk with Rochelle
Pillar Talk with Rochelle

Episode · 8 months ago

"Date Yourself." Interview w/Janee Perks-Banks.


Hey, Authentic You!

Today on Pillar Talk with Rochelle, entrepreneur Janee Perks-Banks graciously and proudly walks us through her journey of self-love. She determines what self-love is for her, starting with dating herself. Janee made up her mind to be someone different because "insecurities travel with you wherever you go—deal with your stuff." 

"I'm passing down self-love to my daughter." —Janee Perks-Banks

When you do a self-examination, do you discover pride? Do you compare yourself to others? Have you experienced any form of abuse? If so, this powerful interview will encourage you. Heartfelt. Lighthearted. Real talk. Inspirational. Are you curious? Tune in.

If you're interested in reading more about Janee's story, you can purchase her book I'm No One's Girlfriend: & Obedience Got Me Here on Amazon and Kindle.

To learn more about the twelve pillars in my book Simply Complex: Leading out of Authenticity, contact me directly by email or at www.rochellearmstrong.com. Also, you can buy a copy at most places you purchase books, including Roots 101 https://roots-101.org/  African American Museum and Amazon here.

I appreciate all of my authentic guests and listeners.


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