Pillar Talk with Rochelle
Pillar Talk with Rochelle

Episode · 8 months ago

"EGO." Interview w/Coach Bibb.


Today on Pillar Talk with Rochelle, Coach Bibb bravely invites us into his world of being "simply complex." As a kid, he remembers "craving 'that' leadership as a coach." After seeing and experiencing poor leadership in coaching, Coach Bibb said, "I'm not going to play with someone else's life like that." Drawing inspiration from an admirable football coach in high school, he has put those attributes into practice for more than 15 years as a basketball coach. Ironically, Coach Bibb finds coaching girls basketball simple but perfectionism to be quite complex. When the pandemic in 2020 pressed pause on his vision to open up a sports complex, he "just froze." He was stuck for a moment but quickly reminded that "God said, I didn't redeem you and save you for you to put your identity into a facility."

If you struggle with your uniqueness or wish someone would get you, I encourage you to listen to this powerful interview. Motivational. Thought-provoking. Unmasked. Reflective. What are you waiting for? Hit play.

To learn more about the twelve pillars in my book Simply Complex: Leading out of Authenticity, contact me directly by email or www.rochellearmstrong.com. Also, you can buy a copy at most places you purchase books, including Roots 101 https://roots-101.org/ African American Museum and Amazon here.

I appreciate all of my authentic guests and listeners.


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